5 Facts about Flashcards

5 Facts about Flashcards

While using flashcards for kids, please keep the following in mind:

1. Flashcards must be precise and unambiguous; they must display only one item or subject per card.

2. The picture must be accurate with a clean, distraction-free background.

3. Exercises for right brain training flashcards are to be performed at a very fast pace, around 3 cards per second.

4. Kids pick up information quickly and learn fast, so keep changing the learning materials. You can use 10 sets of cards around three times a day, for 5-10 minutes session.

5. A happy environment is necessary for fun learning. Make sure you and your child are in a positive mood while performing the activities

Children of all ages can enjoy them, and have much to gain from. All in all, use your flashcards, to make it an excellent tool for increasing the exposure given to your child by adding to their unlimited library of resources.

Do give our flashcards a try, and we promise you, your little one will amaze you.

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