Activities after flashing

Activities after flashing

Do you have your kids asking for more after every session of flashcards? 

Instead of repeating flashing, which is not encouraged. You can try to bond with them by doing small activities. 

1. This or That

Get your little one to choose between two cards, when you recite the word. (i.e. High five to the apple)

2. What's next ?

Tease and ask them what is the next card after you have completed one round of the same topic. (i.e. what after ice cream? is it j..j... )

3. Clap with me! 

After one round of flashing of the same topic, you can repeat with rules of clapping. (i.e. clap when you hear the words that starts with A). 

Run our of ideas? We have created some worksheets that you and engage your child. Best to pair these worksheet with flashcards topics: Phonics, Farm Animals


farm animals flashcards

phonics flashcards

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